Make Elephant with waste material

Make elephant with waste material:-

Material required:- Make a white chart, painting colors, gum, pencils etc.

Draw this picture:-


Firstly, you can draw a big elephant with in white chart. And you can outlining the elephant with sketch pen. 

Second stept:-

Take a painting colors. Dip your thumb. Start the thumb painting on elephant. You can use any color for thum painting.

Third step:-

Take a waste pencils. Start sharp the pencils. You can see a big flowers sharp them. You can paste the pencil sharp flower on elephant. Take a sesior and cut the elephant properly. Use an any wool and paste the elephant corners. And your elephant is ready now. You can create any type of animal. Use any waste material for any silhouette. This projects only for kids. All kids play these things. You can easily make any thing in our home. You can search your mobile phone click the you tube. Many types of creative ideas you can see. All my sweet friends use your mind creatively. These types of craft is very simple and easy. I hope you can understand my words. 

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