Lord Krishna pencil sketch

Lord Krishna pencil sketch :-Krishna Janmashtami or simply Janmashtami is an auspicious Hindu festival celebrating Lord Krishna’s birth.



Lord krishna lived in mathura. He is very naughty. All girls likes the krishna. People said Radha Krishna. Krishna has married a Rukhmani. Krishan has not accepted this marriage.


This is the second pencil sketch of Lord Krishna. Krishna has many short name like:- laddoo gopal, kanha, bankey bihari, murli vala, krishan kanhayiya & natkhat gopal. Krishna best friend name is Sudhama. This is the example of the best friend. He is like brother. Krishna looks very beautiful. Krishna head of the beautiful turban and attach the morpankh.


*   According To Hindu Religion Lord Krishna Was An 
      Incarnation Of  Lord Vishnu.

*   This Festival Called Janmashtami.
      Takes Place On The Eighth Day Of The Dark Fortnight
      Called Amavasya.

*   Janmashtami Festival  is full of enjoyment.
      The End Of Darkness And Rooting Out Of The Evil Forces.

*  On The Occassion Of Janmashtami , All The Hindu Temples 
     Are Decorated With Flowers And Lights.

*  The Celebration Of Janmashtami Begins At The Midnight By 
     Bathing The Idol Of Lord Krishna With Panchamrit.

*  This Panchamrit Is Distributed As Prasad To The Devotees.

*  On This Occassion Devotees Worship The Lord Krishna By 
     Chanting Bhajans, Kiratans And Aartis By Whole Night.

*   In Many Parts Of India It Is Celebrated By Breaking The 
      Earthen Pot Called ” Matki ” Filled With Card And Butter,  
      Hanging On A Heightened String.


krishan & sudhama friendship know to all. Krishan & sudhama is best friend. Sudama was a poor Brahmin man. 


2. Makhan Misri
Let Krishna’s favourite food follow the offering of Panchamrit. Tales of stealing Makhan, or butter, mixed with Misri, sugar or jiggery, were part of little Krishna’s lore.


To understand raasleela, the dance of celebration. Krishna rasleena is very beautiful. what is first necessary to know is that the whole of life is a meeting of contradictory forces, and that all its happiness comes from this union of the opposites. The very mystery and ecstasy of life lies hidden in this unio mystica.

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