Long & short hair of hairstyle

New hairstyle:-   There are manny types of hairstyles. Long hair you can make any type of hairstyles like bun, curle and many types of hairstyles. Short hair you can make any type of hairstyle like puff, twist, state hair and many types of hairstyles. 


This is long hair of hairstyle. The hair is curley and  shinny hair. There is front khajoori style hairstyle. This hairstyle you made any function. This hair is golden.


This hairstyle is only for Long hair. Take a one rubber band and make ponytail. Next step is take a big rubber band and make a bun. This is ver beautiful hairstyle. 


This hairstyle long and short hair. This is barbie style hairstyle. This hairstyle some curly hairs and you can go any party. Hair is very shiny. 

4.  This bun is very beautifull. You can go any marriage, function. You can aware gown and made this bun. Your look is unique. 


This hairstyle front and back bun. This is front twist and back bun of hair. This is very beautiful hairstyle. Girls like this hairstyle. This hairstyle made time is only half an hour. 

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