Top 5 Handmade Painting Pictures

Hello my self Ashima. Today i will show you there are 5 handmade Painting pictures which are made by me. These 5 pictures are of different types:- Wall hanging, 2 pictures of Doraemon with different scene, Warlis art, Flowerpot. These paintings are made with a lot of creativity. These paintings are made different materials.

Top 5 handmade painting pictures

This is a first one picture of top 5 handmade painting.


This is the painting of doraemon. This painting shows that doraemon is very happy to fly in the sky with balloons. Butterfly is sited on the hand of the suzuka. River is flowing from the centre of the mountains. I want to describe that how the painting is made.

Take a one ivory sheet and draw the scene.Now colour it all the sides of the ivory sheet should be covered with shining colorful tapes. Outlines the borders with black pen.

Paste the artificial grass on the ivory sheet. Cover the sheet with lamination cover. It will make a very beautiful and colorful painting.

This is a second picture of top 5 handmade painting.


This is woollen Wall hanging. This wall hanging is made with few materials. The material required is:- Many tiny holes plastic plate,Green Wool, White stones, Small size plastic straw.

Take a green wool and roll this wool over your fingers. Place the node in center and cut its upper and lower part. Now, a flower is ready. Make some flowers with the same process and decorate it with the Wall hanging.

Now i will show you third  picture of top 5 handmade painting.


This is a beautiful Flower vase. The flower of the are very beautiful. Take a 2 ivory sheets. Draw the Flowers and Vase on the sheet. Now, cut the shape of Vase and Flowers. Outline the borders of Flowers and Vase and use oil pasters to colour it. Take a 2nd ivory sheet.

Cover the borders with colourful cellotape. Any colour on the background of this sheet. Paste the double tape on the backside of the cutted Vase and paste it. Cover the sheet with lamination cover. Now, the Flower pot gets ready.

Fourth picture of top 5 handmade painting picture.


This is a beautiful picture of Doraemon. He is lying in the garden. Suzuka is sitting on the butterfly. Nobita is sitting on the flower. He has many gadgets.

It likes Meehan. Take a 2 ivory sheets. Draw the Doraemon on the first sheet. Outline the borders of the Doraemon. With black pen and colour it. Cut this picture properly. Draw butterflies and colour it. Cut out these butterflies.

Decorate the background of the second sheet with green colour. And cover the borders of the sheet with shining tapes. Paste the artificial grass.

Cut the green paper into minor stripes. It will form grass and paste with the double tape. Paste the Doraemon and Butterflies with double tape and paste it. Cover the sheet with lamination cover. This painting has been ready.

5th top painting picture.


This painting name is warlis art. Th Warlis speak an unwritten warlis language which belong to the southern zone of the Indo Aryan languages. Material required:- one ivory sheet, oil pasters water colour. Take a 0.5 brush and color the background.

Paint the three colours purple, pink and red. purple is a mixture of blue and red colour. Pink is a mixtures of red and white colour.  This shades paint this sheet. Take a 0.2 brush and draw this scene. This is a beautiful scene of warlis art.

Thanks for read my article. I hope make sure you are like this painting.

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